How does SisterFund work?

SisterFund awards high impact grants to nonprofits in the Greater Richmond region by:

  • Engaging African American women to contribute $1,100 each toward a shared grant, with $1,000 going to provide grants for the important work done by our grant recipients and $100 per member going to support our daily operations and membership development.
  • Educating members about community issues and the nonprofits that are addressing those issues most effectively.
  • Awarding an annual grant to a local nonprofit determined by a vote of the membership.

What is the timing for becoming a member?

Prospective interested women are notified twice per year of opportunities to meet the membership and learn more about the organization. Once the prospect completes the membership form on the website, she will be contacted to complete the final steps towards membership.  Normally, members’ payments must be received by April 30th, but due to the pandemic, payments must be received by July 31st, 2021.

What is the timing for awarding a grant?

Normally, the grantmaking process takes place between April and June, with the grant recipient being determined at the annual meeting in October. The number of women who have pledged $1,100 determines the grant amount that will be awarded that year.  

The grant making process has been adjusted due to the pandemic.

Can I give more than $1,100?

Yes. A gift above $1,100 will be used to help offset event and administrative costs for SisterFund. Every member is awarded one vote regardless of the level of your gift above $1,100.

Can I pay over time?

Yes, as long as pledges are paid in full by July 31st.  Normally, pledges are due by April 30th.  

Do you accept gifts of stock?

Yes. Please contact Amy Singleton at the Community Foundation for instructions.

Is my contribution to SisterFund tax-deductible?

Yes, $1,000 of your contribution is tax-deductible. Tax-deductible status is possible through SisterFund’s relationship with the Community Foundation for a greater Richmond. Contributions made by December 31 are tax-deductible for that year.

Where do I send my contribution?

Submit contribution by mail:
c/o Community Foundation for a greater Richmond
P.O. Box 76495
Baltimore, MD  21275-6495

What types of organizations does SisterFund fund?

SisterFund considers grant requests from nonprofit organizations in the Greater Richmond region that fall under the following areas:

• Education

• Workforce

• Leadership Development

• Health

  • Empowerment

How much of my contribution will go toward grants versus administrative costs?

100% of the membership contributions will be used to support the SisterFund program. A final budget report will be provided annually to the full membership.

How does SisterFund pay for administrative costs?

A $1,000 contribution goes directly to grants for the important work done by the nonprofits in our community. An additional $100 investment per member in SisterFund supports our daily operations and infrastructure and allows us to cover administrative and event costs (sustainability statement deleted). In addition to funds raised through memberships, individuals may contribute to our program by becoming a Friend of SisterFund. These contributions are tax-deductible and will help support our events and administrative costs. In addition, members may elect to make a donation above their membership for the same purpose. Friends of SisterFund receive separate recognition in our publications. We also seek out in-kind sponsors as much as possible.

If I can’t make a contribution of $1,100, is there a role for me?

Yes, a very important one. You can be a Friend of SisterFund and your contribution will support our event and administrative costs. You will be recognized as a Friend in our publications and be included in our email updates.

How involved do I have to be as a member?

You can scale your membership to a level that is personally meaningful. Do a little, or do a lot! Members are encouraged, though not required, to participate in SisterFund’s educational programs, participate on a Committee, or support out grantees in an additional capacity. You can also join one of the many committees such as Grants, Membership, Communications, and Events as appropriate to your schedule and interests.

How long is my membership in SisterFund?

Each $1,100 contribution provides membership for the current year’s grantmaking cycle. Members can continue to join SisterFund from year-to-year as long as they make an annual membership contribution.


3409 Moore Street, Richmond VA, 23230 (804) 330-7400

SisterFund is a partner of the Community Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization. All tax deductible donations should be made as gifts to the SisterFund at the Community Foundation.

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